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Local Machine Hardening

Devices and networks that are not properly secured can expose your business to a multitude of intrusions. Security services offered by Automates, Inc., like local machine hardening, can ensure that your business's sensitive information remains private. Reducing your risk on a local, physical level lays the groundwork for increased security overall. By regularly running software updates, you can help to protect your network in the future. 

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Network Vulnerability & Configuration Lockdown

The fast-paced, ever-changing nature of the Internet means your computer is susceptible to new vulnerabilities nearly every day. During a consultation, we will check to make sure you computer is up-to-date and take the appropriate measures to protect your assets against vulnerabilities. To ensure your server continues to function like it should, we can recommend and implement multiple configuration restrictions. This step can guard against unauthorized changes that can compromise your security. 

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Network Appliance & Network Border Hardening

Routers and other devices can act as critical security points. From strengthening passwords to placing appropriate firewalls, we will methodically protect your network borders. We will limit access not only from external users, but also protect sensitive data and functions on an internal network level. Like all of our services, making sure your security services are tailored to best serve you and your business remain our priority. 

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