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Server Installation & Role Configuration

Our comprehensive range of network services are designed to best serve our diverse San Diego population. Whether you work from a home office, or need to enhance communication between multiple branch locations, our server installation and role configuration can improve your business productivity. In addition to working on-site, we are also able to manage and make changes to your network remotely. 

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Router Installation & Configuration

Once we have installed your router (a piece of hardware used to join multiple networks together) and made sure it is properly configured, we will check its reliability. By taking the time to get it done right the first time, our team can ensure the longevity of your setup and minimize the chance of issues arising in the future. We want you to be able to hit the power button and have everything working with no problems. We can also enable encryption for wireless networks, safeguarding your personal information and securing your broadband signal. 

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Network Design

We understand each business operates differently and will take all your needs and concerns into account when we design your network. Straight from the initial planning stage, you can expect to be an active participant along the way, signing off on all aspects of your individualized design as we use schematic diagrams and other methods to explain our proposal to you. 

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Domain Promotion & AD Configuration

Our team can set up, configure, and manage your in-house or local domain. We also offer Active Directory (AD) configuration. AD can be installed on a stand-alone server, as a member of a workgroup, or member server of a Windows 2000 domain. We can work closely with you to determine which type of domain and AD will work best for your business. 

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