Regain Access to Lost or Compromised Files with Effective Data Recovery

Repairing a hard drive

Data Recovery Consultation

Our first words of advice: don't panic. As experts in data recovery, the team at Automates, Inc., has an extremely high success rate recovering 100% of the files that our customers believed were lost beyond retrieval. During your free data recovery consultation, we will diagnose the reason data became compromised, determine its value, and decide whether data recovery software is appropriate, or of your hardware will need to be sent to a third party. 

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Data Backup or Transfer

Regularly backing up your data is the simplest way to guard against its loss. We can backup your existing files and help you set up software that will automatically run scheduled backups. In addition to data backup services, we can transfer your data between a range of computers, storage devices, or platforms, like the cloud.

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Component Manufacture, Hardware, Logical, & File System Configuration

We understand businesses of all sizes and types have large amounts of data that needs to be well organized and easy to access. From your hardware to the configuration of your filing system, we can create a unique model that will boost your productivity and efficiency. 

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Data Recovery Procedures & Depot-Level Options for Repair

From the time that you realize data may have been lost or compromised, it is important that you immediately stop using your computer until we are able to look at it. Once we identify the cause of the data loss, we can determine the best recovery procedure. Although it can usually be performed on-site, depot-level options for repair may be a preferable method to maximize your data recovery.

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